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Cayman 981 Service Intervals


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Hi all,


Hope everyone is well?


Recently I've been getting in car display that an interim service and oil change is due however the car was last serviced 8 June 2017 with an engine oil change done already. What I understand from Porsche's service intervals are the first service is 2 years after manufacture or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first), then repeat after every 2 years and 20,000 miles.


Here's some details of the car with what was done during the first service in June 2017:


Car manufacture date - April 2016

Service was performed on 8 June 2017 at 5,595 miles (Intermediate maintenance, maintenance, spark plug replacement, drive belt checked/replaced, engine oil change)

Current car milage is 11,489 miles


What's everyones recommendation? Reckon I should get it serviced or just leave it until June 2020 for the 4 year service or when the car gets to 20,000 miles (whichever comes first)?


My thinking is it's 2 years this month since the first service however I've only driven the car under 6,000 miles since the last service.


Thanks for reading!


Oil Change.JPG

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The service is now 2 weeks overdue so, personally, I would have it done.

Some have the oil changed annually but my local OPC even said that it's not really necessary.

As you have stated, services are due 2 years or 20k from the last service, whichever comes first.

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I would get it done as it keeps all the stamps up to date, also brake fluid will need changing as that only lasts so long and doesn't matter if you have used the car or left it sitting in the garage for 2 years.

It shows the next owner you have looked after it right as quite a few would walk away from it if the service had been missed out.

My car had only done just 3200 miles from new when it had its first 2 year service and even then i had also changed the oil at 1200 miles myself.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!


I've called Porsche East London and they quoted me £740 for the minor service when I was expecting it to be £615. Apparently all London Porsche centres don't follow the fixed price service.

Call Tonbridge, Kent branch and they are doing it for £615 but no dates available until from 11 July. Going to try the Reading branch and other surrounding areas of London to get the best price and best days/time. Ideally would had liked to get it done this Saturday.

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I'd guestimate a large % of us use independant specialists, particularly once a car is outside of warranty. Plenty of good reputable independants all over the UK

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