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Another option after bore score - V8 swap

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A lot is talked about engine issues on our cars and I thought this may interest those who may have to make the dreaded decision one day to rebuild. 


They have been building them in the U.S. for a while but this is the first I've seen in the UK, I've no idea on cost but a 500 hp V8 in a Cayman, I'd love to try it.... 




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after you are done imho dropping 20k plus [you will need a ls7 to get 500 hp and i could not imagine how much a crate motor is there] you will have a hobby. Unsellable to 99 % of the market and a huge loss . Is /has anyone in your very local area done a few of these swaps ...............otherwise it will be back to them ....often . There are other options starting with cheapest [if you plan on keeping it] used motor from dependable yard and good installer or call raby [US] for one of his monster motors . Are you using too much oil from the scoring ? myself....i would sell it...now while i can 

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No it's not for me my car is fine, but here in the UK it is about £10,000 for a decent rebuild I am told so this 'might' be another option for some. Just putting it out there 

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You have a gen2 so you 'should' be ok.


i saw this a little while ago and it's appealing, not in terms of a fix but to buy a doner car and do it. I think it's high teens all done, but that's turn key zero mile build.


they have done a 997 previously so it's not new to them.


also like the idea of a £1k rx8 with it as pure track weapon!

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