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PDK reset

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i read the other day on piston heads that you can do a PDK reset. A really weird procedure but read it resets box back to factory settings. Apparently box learns driving styles. I also read it's worth doing every now and then. It can make it smoother. Mine is smooth in 2 to 7 but can be clunky in 1st.



Anyone reset theirs. Thoughts appreciated.

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would not a battery disconnect do the same thing.....it erases ECM emissions and driving habits . My pdk is a lil quirky the first 60 seconds cold.....it seems confused about 1st or second ,that and pdk does not like to be power braked  

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Mine can be a bit clunky reverse to 1st when backing off the drive and sometimes when slowing 2nd to 1st.  This is my first PDK and wasn't sure if it was normal or not.

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