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Momo 8017R hub adaptor help.

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Has anyone tried fitting a momo hub adaptor to their car?


Everything I can find online says that the 8017R is the correct hub adaptor, but it won't fit. It fouls on the plastic part arrowed below. Can't find anything about it online. Can anyone help?



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Sorry mate I just saw your post. I have a MOMO wheel and the trusty dremel was required. 

The next time I read instructions that say 'just fits' or 'attaches no problem' I know to get the power tools out and the swear jar. 

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No probs! It was the repeated checking if that tab actually did anything that was stressing me out. I just couldn't understand why it wasn't in the instructions or mentioned anywhere online.


All done now, and a much improved steering wheel location, and feedback. Love it. 




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