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Sunday night alarm fun...

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Evening all,


So this evening my alarm decided to sound (I assume it was the alarm - the horn sounded and wouldn't stop).


Full disclosure, I had the battery biconnected earlier today in order to change my steering wheel. I disconnected the negative then positive terminals with the key out of the ignition, the left it for 40 minutes before removing the airbag. As it turned out, I didn't have the right bit to remove the wheel itself, so I replaced it, and reconnected positive then negative.


It was at least an hour and half before the alarm sounded. Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue? I've called the AA out to do a drain test, but I thought I;d do a little googling while I wait for them.





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The AA popped out to have a look. For some reason, the door lock won’t manually work. 


Long story short, I’ll be popping back to my garage tomorrow to see what’s going on. Fun times. 

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Read somewhere that coins in the ashtray, can cause a false alarm?


When you reconnected, did you start it up and go for a drive? You need to do the lock to lock steering to reset the Traction control PSM, and reset the windows stored position:




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