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Winter wheels / tyres - looking for advice


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Hi all,


I’m a n00b - I’ve got a 2019 CS on 20-inch Carrera classic rims and P zeros - factory fit.


Winter is coming and I need to buy winter rims and rubber. I’m probably going for 19-inch as I’ll need to drive in the snow occasionally here in Upper Bavaria (the mountainous bit). 

Recommendations most welcome. I’m lucky enough to have access to unrestricted Autobahns, so I shall need a tyre speed rating of at least V and possibly W, for those dry days! 

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Presumably your supplying dealer will be able to advise you, as I expect you’re under OPC warranty  still (2019 car) you’ll need to stick with OEM fit wheels and N-rated tyres🤔.


 But for what it’s worth I’ve used Nokian (a Finnish brand) winter tyres on our family SUV the past 6 years and they’ve been great. 

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