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Headlights not operating correctly on my Cayman...help


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all lights work, except the dipped beam, main beam only comes on when stalk pushed back, flash on/off, but when pushed forward no joy. so cant drive at night at present.....please help!!!! gen 2 2009 car.

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Hi Rich,


Starting with the obvious ‘diagnostic Qs’ (apologies in advance if this is all teaching your granny how to suck eggs - no patronising intended) :


have you checked all bulbs are serviceable and correctly seated? (Have you recently fitted aftermarket LED bulbs?)


have you checked relevant fuses for the headlamps?


are there any lighting circuit relays that operate the main / dipped bulbs (check your owners manual) - might these have failed / become loose?


i suspect the cayman runs on some sort of canbus system that operates the lights rather than relays, that being the case there will be an electronic control unit (ECU) for the lighting subsystem somewhere in the car - perhaps it has developed a fault, which might mean a replacement unit. Have you got any fault messages  showing in the multifunction display in the speedo?


possibly an earth fault somewhere in the lighting circuit - ie the supply that would power the main/dipped bulbs is shorted straight to earth somewhere. 


If none of the obvious ‘shine a light’ on the problem (sorry, couldn’t resist an awful pun 🙄😁) then have you got a local Porsche Indy specialist or good auto electrician that could diagnose for you?


good luck tracking the problem down matey, hope you find and sort it soon 👍🏻



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Hi Windy,


bulbs looked ok but replced with new, no messing with leds etc, all stock. 


i have checked the basics, fuses etc, the fuse panel didnt show any particular fuse or relay, is there one>?


JUst wierd that ALL other lights work, nothing on instrument panel. just wierd.....from what iv'e researched which isn't a gret deal, not much on this topic, fortunatley/unfortunately...


The switch has been mentioned on other sites, i think thats where im going to go, just stranfe evrything else is ok.



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