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Intermittent Brake Problem

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Hello all. Earlier this year in order to pass the MOT I had new pads and discs all round. This altered the feel of the pedal a bit which I wasn't too surprised about. Since then I had started to notice some odd behaviour at low speed but it was intermittent. Creeping forward in traffic, below 5mph I could get my foot all the way to the pedal stop and the car would very gradually come to a halt, but then would be fine. This behaviour increased and started to affect regular braking. Took it to my usual guy and he recommended changing the vacuum pump. This has improved braking through the range, much better bite and feel, however this low speed problem is still there. 


Now I know many people complain about the pedal travel and feel in 987s, but mine isnt a track car, its a daily so I like being able to modulate my braking. I've got used to it and find other more modern cars really jumpy on the brakes. However this aint that. High and medium speed braking is good, can get the ABS to kick in. Only once at medium speed has the pedal gone long and nothing braking has been significantly reduced. 


Any thoughts?

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^ I agree... @Tinners1983 are you certain there is no air in the system? ... Was the ABS pump purged after the replacement of the servo? As I understand it, the only surefire way to purge air pockets in the system is by using Durametric/PIWIS ... Might be a good time to fit a GT3 MC 😄

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I had this exact same problem on my missus’ Qashqai after changing the front disks and pads. 
I bled the brakes a few times thinking it was air in the lines/brake cylinders but all was fine.

I was very close to changing the master cylinder when I read that you can have this issue until the new pads bed in. I didn’t really believe it because my foot would sink to the floor.  However after a week or so of driving everything firmed up and it’s been fine since.

This may not be your problem but just be a bit cautious about changing components too early.. (staying safe of course)..



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