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What has happened here?

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Bit of a random one but whilst washing my car the other day, I noticed that the junction between the rear arch and the bumper was different on each side. On closer investigation, the offside edge appears to have been rolled/folded in on itself around the inner arch. It has been done very neatly and there is no damage to the arch or indeed any signs of a previous repair (no signs of overspray, mismatched textures, welds etc) -  the rear quarter is original and it actually looks like it left the factory like this but since it is only on one side, that seems unlikely.


It really doesn't matter but I'm intrigued as to what would have lead to this being done. If it was to prevent a wheel catching the edge, I'd have assumed that both sides would have been done in the same way.


The pictures show the rolled offside and the normal nearside.

Any ideas?


Oh and just to confuse matters, that's a drop of water on the edge. The paint is just the normal, textured paint that you get around the arch and sills.




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35 minutes ago, Tozerman said:

Hard to spot what you mean to be honest 🤔

Just nipped out to the garage and took a couple of pictures but they are too big to upload 😖


The lip where the body meets the bumper is L shaped on the nearside but U shaped on the offside. It looks like it has been formed into the u shape and so in assuming it was done in response to something

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Ah that's very helpful and yes it looks similar. The reason I was surprised is that the profile is different from nearside to offside (as it is with yours too). Must be something to do with the way they are constructed

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