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I removed the under-seat subwoofer, and had Audison 10" active subwoofer fitted in the boot. Wow! want an amazing improvement, and one of my fravourite mods that I have done to the car. That value to me for the cost, is really good.


It didn't take up as much space in the boot as I thought it would. However, it does take approx <50% of the boot; but with quick-disconnect space can be made if needed.


If anybody is thinking about one of these, my advise would 100% do it!


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Cool... Have you the Sound Plus setup? What active sub did you have under the seat? What's the peak output of the Audison?

I've got an active 150w Kenwood under/behind my pass seat but I'd like it a tad louder tbh 😆

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@Mavrik  it was the KSC-SW11 that I used to have, think we had both mentioned before on other posts. Currently with KAPPA components, but may upgrade.


The Audison PRIMA active sub is more expensive, I paid £449 I think plus fitting. Really worth a look, or if you know somebody or a shop with a demo one have a listen.... but you will buy one then!



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