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Drivers Window Failure


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Leaving work this evening I went to clear the windows before setting off but the drivers side wasnt working. My inital thought was it must have frozen as it sometimes does in snowy conditions but its not cold enough! Getting home I had a fiddle and I could move the glass up and down which was disconcerting and the motor just whirs away with a cracking sound.

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Defo the cable in the window winder regulator mechanism! .... Is a relatively common failure especially on the drivers side ... Is a DIY job if you're fairly confident with tinkering/spannering? 

Genuine Porsche part is blinkin expensive but the quality aftermarket one that Design911.com supply is plenty good enough imo & much cheaper!... I fitted mine last year without issue... Plenty of YouTube guides online... Top tip is to mark the original alignment of fasteners/window for easier installation/re-alignment & make sure you reseal the door card membrane properly or you'll end up with a damp bottom door carpet trim!


A spare set of door card securing tabs is a good idea too as they are prone to breaking if you're not really careful!


You'll be looking at a bill of around £250-£300 for an Indy to supply & fit aftermarket & nearer £500+ at a dealer with oem parts!!

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Thanks guys. I'll check out some youtube videos to see if its something I can manage if not then mobile mechanic/indie. Probably be a January job.

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