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Black Cayman R, Aylesbury 05/01/20 ~09:30


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Nice ! Had a couple of those.


Some wave back......some just look at you spaced out. Turned out to do a job at work at a customers very lovely house [Re: Medium sized 16-bed mansion 😉 ] and they had 5 Porsches kicking around out-front: i kid you not. Inc my identical twin in the garage as his wifes summer car. Announced that Porsche was his favourite brand because: "It's the only car i can leave without starting for 3 or 4 weeks in Winter and they fire right up". I kid you not.


Anyway - what's the protocol here. If it's a really 'proper' Porsche. You know a full on 69 plate 911 GT3 [Not a Boxster with a roof as i've been told mine is....] should you patiently wait to be acknowledged first ? And then should you courteously wave back whilst nodding slightly subserviently.....


What if it's filthy dirty unloved dog, loaded up with the weekly shopping and the Mrs is hanging a woodbine out the passenger window ? Thats says to me it's possibly 'just' a mode of transport. Do you then flash / wave as you would any another fellow enthusiast and 'risk' being blanked......?



Some of these cross-model Porsche ownership airs and graces can be so confusing 😁 😂 🤣

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