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Cayman R wiper blades


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Having bought my Cayman R in Nov, I discovered the wiper blades were past their best. I didn't realise the blades on the car were not standard. So, having ordered blades from Porsche I now have one with a 'wing' and one without that has a slight curvature to it. Questions:

1. Which side does the winged blade go on?

2. Does the wing go at the top or the bottom

3. The curved blade - concave side up or concave side down


I cannot believe I have had to resort to asking such a numpty question :$

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1 hour ago, Beanoir said:

Is there a beginners thread ;) 


the blade goes driver's side and they can only be fitted one way up...?

I will confirm later if they only fit one way up :D

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