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Rusty tailgate upper edge

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Found rust on the upper edge of my tailgate.

Looks like to rubber seal has rubbed through the paint over the years.

Car is only 2009.

Made a vid here:



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Mine looks okay in this location so you may just have been unlucky. I would guess that the boot is out of adjustment and so has just rubbed through.


I do the love the Cayman but I definitely think the build quality is not as good as previous Stuttgart built Porsches I have had. There are just various little bits which seem either poorly thought out or poorly finished. The bungs on the sill being a good example. They are fitted in the factory and then painted over. The paint on some of mine (and pretty much every other 987 I have seen) has cracked over the years and exposed the e-coat below. I've sealed mine but left unattended I assume that they too will eventually rust. It's only a minor complaint but it just seems a bit shoddy.


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Also the edge of the front wheel arch behind the wheel also rusts due to stone chips. The stonechip paint should have been higher in these areas, or the wheel arch liner plastic should have overlapped to protect it.

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Was at Thruxton yesterday at a track day.

During lunch I had a look at their 9 Gen2 base Caymans parked up, the ones they use for their driver experience days.

On about 4 you could see rust starting on the top edge of the tailgate, mostly passenger side also.

Looks like the rubber strip rubs the paint off.

The 981s they had, don't have the strip between tailgate and roof.

Track day was excellent too.




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