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Noisy fan

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The heating fan has recently started making a noise. It's a humming/buzzing noise, the volume and pitch both increase with fan speed. Switching aircon on or off makes no difference. I've taken off the flimsy cover under the glove box and the unit behind there is vibrating quite a bit, so is probably the culprit.


Am I looking at a world of financial pain or is there a known simple fix?




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You may have debris/leaves etc in the fan cowling? ... Check your pollen filter 1st... May have to remove the fan blower to investigate... Hopefully not a rumbling fan motor bearing!

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Another simple fix for me. I followed Mavrik's advice and took a look at the pollen filter. Nothing there, but while it was out, I peered into the housing for the fan and removed this :





So in the past week, I've fixed a noisy fan and the faulty window (wouldn't go all the way to the top in one go) and was feeling pretty pleased. Now I've noticed a muddy print on the roof, with some trailing scratches where the moggy that thinks it lives with us has tried to jump on top.......



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