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In the market for a 987.1 (with rebuild) or 987.2, Cayman S


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Hey everyone - new here.


I'm in the market for a Cayman S atm - I was initially going to try and get into an early 996 - however it seems like a bit of a minefield, I've decide to have a look into a Cayman. Having had a look round - there's not a huge amount for sale from what I can see, a 987.2 S seems to be a relatively rare thing, along with 987.1 with a rebuild - I guess the current situation with the world isn't helping.


I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on where I should be looking other than here, pistonheads, carandclassic, autotrader and ebay?


Any must have options in your opinion (I've had a read, but tastes seem to change).


Manual is definitely a must in my book.



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There are a lot of great GEN1s that never needed/will need a rebuild. 


For the higher price you are going to pay if you find a rebuilt one you could instead considered a GEN2 2.9.... it's not far off BHP wise, has a fresher design (interior/exterior) and doesn't suffer from any of the GEN1 problems (despite not being a DFI engine)


Or you could stretch to a higher mileage GEN2 S for the same money and again they are bullet proof (minus the usual problems affecting all 987 cars) 


I think all the places you've mentioned plus forums, there was one for sale on here and one on 911UK last year as far as I remember. Also check Racecardirect.com 



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Welcome and good luck with your search. 

this recent thread here form a new member in your situation earlier this year will offer some light on many of the must / nice to haves spec wise - have leisurely read through it 👍🏻


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