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Cayman r or black edition 987

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In a word "Yes" if you're looking for the best version of the generation. The Black is very similar to an S, some cosmetic upgrades (that some do to their own cars anyway), and a smidge more power if I recall. The Black Editions carry a price premium over the S but in the real world are more or less the same to drive etc. The R is a cut above (hence costs a LOT more), much more focused piece of machinery.

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40 minutes ago, Craiglm68 said:

So we're aligned; buy a decent S, mod it up to your hearts/budget's content, and have a hoot!


We are, but equally there are people who don't want to mod cars and like to preserve them.


Look at the 911R prices, basically the same car, the same parts and same amount of metal of a GT3 Touring but for 4 times the price.  It's all personal/subjective......

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Hi Craig,


The Black edition is a special based on the S model. Thats the very last of the 987 models, so the price is right up against 981 models there. Its 'all the money' for that I think.


I think I would be getting a 981 as its a more modern car, better quality, with more modern interior, but you still have the flat 6 noises.


If you look at an independent dealer like Cridfords for example, they have a load of 981 2.7 for a bit less or more than £30k, 2014 cars.





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