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New Wanna-Be, Derbyshire


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Hi just starting out here all, hoping to.become an owner this year...if the right beauty turns up. 

I'll only be looking at the low side.of things for my first car but looking and the 2.7 or 3.4 Cayman 2006+ I've been scouting Auto Trader and finally convinced the Wife to let me buy one...soon.

I must say I am in love with the Black colours so hopefully when I'm.ready to purchase one will turn up.

Hope be be updating the site soon with a purchase.

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Thanks! That's what I was hoping for, seeing as I would be looking for the Gen 1 advice will go a long way to helping me.buy....at a guess the Gen 2 are that much more to purchase?

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The gen2s are a fair bit more, but you get the newer engine without the potential IMS bearing fault.


So a Gen2 2.9 can be a good option as its almost as powerful as a gen1 3.4 S.


Have a look at my common problems guide, so you can make sure you dont get caught out by these:



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