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2009 43,000 miles 987 gen 2 S 3.4 maintenance record.

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I'm a car noob that's why i'm asking for advice, a quick "no go" or "green light" would do.
here is the maintenance: https://imgur.com/a/X84ekW1

(also, i know that the 2.9 is more reliable than the 2.7, but is the gen 2 cayman 3.4 also more reliable than the gen 1 Cayman 3.4?)

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That service history looks fine, wouldn’t put me off anyway.  As the cars get older people often tend to switch to an annual service and condition based.   

Yes, the gen2 3.4 is considered to be more reliable than the Gen1, primary reason being it doesn’t really suffer with scored bores.  

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As Nick says, that history looks fine in terms of basic maintenance. 


At that mileage and age, things like brake discs, aircon condensers, coil packs, coolant pipes etc should also have been done by now or if not they probably won't be far away. 

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