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987.2 Cayman AOS


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Has anyone changed their gen 2 AOS?


It was all going smoothly until I actually tried to pull the AOS vertically off the engine.  The AOS moves up slightly but I'm literally putting wrist breaking vertical pressure on it and it won't pop off.  Not much room there either.


I might try to heat it up with a hairdryer at the bottom (near the O-Rings) tomorrow and have another go.

I can only assume there's not much lubrication on the O-rings.


Very strange TBH as I thought actually lifting the AOS off the block would be the easiest part....these cars were made to torture us!!


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Yes, I've checked all the guides on YouTube and they make the actual AOS removal part look alot easier than I'm finding that's for sure...I'm putting alot of force into this 


I've never been able to find a 987.2 Service Manual PDF but have got the 981 Service Manual (essentially the same engine)


I did the AOS on my old gen 1 and found it easier than this..

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