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PDK repair intel

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1 hour ago, Windymiller said:

Found this on Rennlist - very useful Intel for any PDK owners should you ever have any faults / issues with it. You may well NOT need to replace the whole box as Porsche OPCs would lead you to believe...


Seems as though many faults could be resolved via relatively ‘cheap’ replacements of solenoids / valve body / various sensors - if you had the DIY competence, or trusted a capable transmission mechanic. 


Makes for some interesting technical reading too:



A lot of research done by the original poster on Rennlist so credit and thanks due to PV997


Interesting article !


A Porsche tax on parts / replacement ? I'm shocked 🤣


Hardly surprising. But the longer double-clutch type boxes are around; the more people will be able to repair them - and the more mainstream / cheaper that process will become.


My friend has a mildly modded R35 GTR. Had it since new in 2010. At first, the gearbox self-destructing was always the huge worry. Servicing was expensive and frequent. Oil (Genuine) was approaching £40 a litre - and the box holds around 10 litres i think ?....and spares were bank-busting. Not forgetting a 2nd hand box (if it all went really bad) was £20k plus.


Most users now use a certain Motul oil thats a 1/3rd the price, many specialists can now repair these routinely; and the total replacement costs have therefore pretty much become a thing of the past......



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