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Suspension Arms


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Guys I have a 987.2 Cayman S that I bought early last year, I have used it a bit on track and it’s quite impressive in standard form but I am looking to slowly upgrade the suspension bit by bit, I am planning Cayman R springs and dampers at some point as I want it to be a good fast road and track set up and for me the Cayman R set up should achieve just that. The point of my post is that my coffin arms are first to do as they are due replacement anyway. I am looking at the Eibach or PowerFlex adjustable ones for the front, I am not sure which ones to go for does anyone have any experience with either of these? Would I need the full kit for the Eibach ones including the fork arms also or just the coffin arms and the spacer kit to allow the standard fork arms to be used? Any need to get adjustable ones for the rear or just go for PowerFlex standard ones?


I have read elsewhere that to avoid excessive tyre wear I will need to run about -2deg camber on the front, I am not sure the Powerflex ones will allow as much as this? Does anyone have suggested geo settings to give a good road/track set up?


Any other suggestions also welcome but I am on a budget to a point!



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I don't have an answer to your question, but having done some suspension work on my 987.2 and knowing how much of a pain in the backside it is to get some of the nuts and bolts out, my advice is to save up a little more and do as much as you can at once. It'll save you a huge amount of labour time (and money if someone else is doing the work for you!) as well. That way you can just pull everything out, and put the new stuff in, instead of taking the wheels off, undoing bits, changing one bit at a time, putting all the bits you had to take off back on.


Drop links are particularly troublesome, and generally need multilating a bit to get out- you'll normally need to cut off the ball-end of them to get a socket on the hex flats and undo them. Then hours of heating and pounding them out, for each corner! But they must be removed in order to drop the whole strut.


It's surprising to hear the coffin arms are the first to wear- I had worn tuning forks (looks like they're included with the adjustable ones) giving the suspension a clunk, and a worn top-mount but my coffin arms still have no play at 110k + miles. 

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I have the powerflex bushes in the front of my Cayman. It's currently running -1.7 camber up front but the maximum is about - 2.2. I think they're a good solution given the cost


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