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Hello All


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Hi and congrats on the car. Looks very nice in the grey.


Im still dithering on a purchase. My 'sensible' head is saying don't, but my heart is saying go for it!


Enjoy yours!


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2 hours ago, Sarge said:

I do have a question on in car entertainment.........it's fitted with an Alpine Apple car-play - and I have an android Samsung phone! I guess I need to swap this out?



Welcome to the club! 

Some headunits are Apple / Andriod compatable as there really is little different between Car Play or Android Auto, assume you have plugged in via USB to see if it works? 

Failing that then either time for a phone upgrade... (if you call going to Apple an upgrade, but that's a WHOLE different conversation / debate!), or a new headunit. 

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