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Spyder suspension on BS


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An impostor in a Boxster! 😃  I still hope you guys can help me out. I've bought a 987.2 BS Black Edition and am absolutely loving the car. I already did a few minor mods (SSK, front braces) but one big one I want to do in the spring is sport suspension.


I'm not the one to tinker with suspension bits so I'm looking for a great bolt-on. I've read a lot about the Spyder suspension and I'm leaning heavily towards it. If I understand correctly it's just springs and dampers, right? Or are there any other parts?


And just to cover the bases - what would be the aftermarket alternatives I'd be looking at that price?



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Welcome one and all 👍🏻, after all a Boxster is really a Cayman Cabriolet so all the same genus… 😉

If the spyder suspension is fundamentally the same as the cayman R (which I think it is, but someone like Gert at Carnewal can probably confirm that?) then as well as the stiffer and shorter springs and matched shocks you’d also need the slightly thicker rear ARB and it’s bushes. 

I recently fitted the cayman R ARB to my CS (~£200 from Porsche OPC) and I do think it has slightly sharpened turn in, ie reduced some of the under steer. But this may just be placebo effect? 🤷‍♂️

heres part numbers and prices (at start of the year anyway) 

R shocks front 987 343 042 09 - £277.44 ea

R shocks rear 987 333 051-23 £388.51 ea

R coil springs front 987-343-531-40-504 - £231.17pr (yellow & orange)

R coil springs rear 987-333-531-96-504 - £231.70pr (yellow & orange & green)


1 x Anti Roll Bar Rear. Porsche Cayman R (98733370107)

DO PLEASE CHECK THEM ALL YOURSELF with an OPC, before ordering anything against those numbers!


there are many threads on here for other comparable suspension options, have a little search for them would be my best recommendation. 👍🏻

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Thanks! From what I read the Spyder suspension is a bit different in spring rates and stiffness. It has its own numbers. I'll also check the front roll-bar since it's supposed to be the same as on PASM BS. I'm trying to cover all the bases so that I don't miss an obvious thing.


Do people usually changes bushings or are those fine as they are (the car has 55k km).

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