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Sat Nav update possible, 2011 987.2

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Wondering if possible to get Maps or System update for the SATNAV/PCM?


If you press Info and Source together it is showing me System Version 2.2 and PCM3.0.

This gives a history button which shows no updates, so this might be an old version.


Is there a way to update them, presumably Porsche Centre for mega bucks?

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You can indeed get a map update that also gives you full 6-digit postcode input ability too. 

when I enquired a couple of years ago at OPC Silverstone it was about £200 / £250 I think. 

+ I needed the PCM firmware updating first (I think mines at 1.3?), which was another £200ish. 

i can’t remember what the latest maps version is, but it might be as old as 2016 (unless there’s a newer update now available). 


you can find update discs on eBay, but I believe you need a Porsche provided code inputted via PIWIS to ‘unlock’ the update. 

some Folks on here have just replaced the head unit with one with Apple /

android car play, again for £00s


I bought a £10 phone cradle and use Google maps on my phone instead 😉😁

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