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New wobble shimmy!! :-(

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Hello all, I am a first time Porsche owner and have had my Cayman for almost two years. Recently i have noticed a slight shimmy, wobble kind of feeling upon starting out on a drive. It lasts for a few miles and then goes away?? I can feel it under my seat and towards the rear of the car. There has not been any other problems whatsoever that I am aware of. Anybody ever experience this and/or have any thoughts, ideas, recommendations?

Puzzled PeePaw!! :-)

Thanks for any responses!!

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How old are they?  That's more pertinent for flat spotting.  The rubber deteriorates with age and that age can usually vary from tyre to tyre.


Failing that, try waiting for the engine to warm fully and then take it out.  If the issue doesn't appear then your mounts are likely worn and can't dampen the engine sufficiently during warm-up.

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