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Track and fast road PPF help

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My cayman is pristine right now and i'd like it to stay a close as reasonably possible. The issue is, I'm a track guy really but have yet not had the heart to unleash track debris on my front end. My previous car was in fantastic condition then after 5 years and probably 60+ trackdays it was pretty hammered. 


From next year I'm going to buy some track 18's and put some money into paint protection. 


So from those with solid experience what do i need and what will i need to be shelling out?





The old track slag and the new untouched one.



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I’d suggest a full front end PPF:

nose cone


front wings 


wing mirrors

lower sills


an e.g., price for that from Topaz detailing in London (other wrappers are available 😉) is £2760 (incl VAT). 


I will be getting that 👆done on my new GTS4.0 before I even collect her from the OPC. 

Then ceramic coat the whole car (another £500-£1000 ish depending on which products and who you use). 

The ceramic won’t protect against stone / tyre debris impacts, but it certainly makes cleaning all the track filth off afterwards a lot easier. Whenever I tracked my 987 I’d always have loads of black rubbery marks along her lower sills, nose cone and sometimes the bonnet, which I guess were tyre rubber ‘nuggets’ impacts from cars in front. I’d also use valetpro tar and glue remover to shift these rubber marks when post-track washing. 

I think the PPF will help prevent many / most impacts, but it’s not a forcefield so won’t protect 100%. 

when selecting a PPF installer ask whether they use precut templates that cover round panel edges (good 😇), or if they ‘cut to edge’ on the car (bad…😱)




Let’s us know what you decide, who you use, cost etc. 👍🏻


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Yeah i will,  I've a few options at the moment but front end ppf and nebula graphene seem to be the common theme. 


Its not cheap though.  3k to get a bit of paint protection is eye watering. My old rx7 had nothing and certainly took the brunt of rubber, stones, nuts and bolts etc

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Aye, a bumper off respray is circa £500, but (as happened to mine), if not PPFd afterwards could be stone chipped again within a week. 

I think on a new car, or an older one with pristine (recently redone) paintwork it’s worth spending the money on PPF, at least for the front end. 

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