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987 3.4 potential issues ??

987 3.4

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Hi all,

Please forgive me, as I’m sure this engine question has been addressed numerous times in the past.

I’m torn between either an ‘07 3.4 S ( Design Edition One ) or an 09 2.9 - both auto’s. I understand the often debated issues with the 3.4, but would welcome any input regarding residual values or anything else relevant between the two, given both have detailed service history and both are on approx 70k miles. The DE1 is around 14k and the 2.9 around 16. Many thanks in advance !




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31 minutes ago, Windymiller said:

The 09 2.9 is presumably a PDK then, whereas the 07 3.4 is a tiptronic. 

very different G’boxes which will give the cars greatly different characteristics. 

if it was my money id go for the 09 2.9 and have many years and miles still of fun ringing out the lower powered car to higher (grin-inducing) revs. 

I’ve recently moved from a 2010 3.4S to the new 4.0GTS and will honestly say despite its cost (and increased comfort), it’s not providing any bigger grin than my previous car did, and that’s mainly because at anything over 4k rpm with its 4 litres I am frankly going far too quickly on the public road to really enjoy the power. 

so a lower capacity engine that you can ‘push’ harder in these flat-6s may be a more rewarding drive. 

I wouldn’t overly worry about the ‘horror’ stories of ‘gen 1’ (pre-2009) 3.4 engines, it’s not as common as the stories would suggest. But the 2.9 is definitely the more ‘robust’ engine. 

a 2.9 with a PDK will most likely be quicker across real roads than the gen 1 3.4 in manual or tiptronic. The only place you’d ‘lose out’ to the bigger capacity is loooong straights (drag strips!). 

share links to the cars and let @Julian987 et al ‘vet’ your choices… 😉😄


good luck with your search and choosing - you’ll know when you find ‘the one’, it’s like that scene in Avatar when the rider bonds with the flying lizard thingy… 🐉🥰😄😄😄

Many thanks for that. I also agree re the scare mongering with the 3.4. I figure that if it hasn’t caused issues within 70k miles, then if continued with regular servicing / oil changes, then hopefully, should be ok.

The rarity and the standard high spec of the DE1 ( 777 produced of which just 250 were RHD ) seems likely to assist with retaining it’s value, compared with a more basically equipped, regular 2.9 PDK ??

Can anyone concur ?!

Cheers, Nick. 

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I’d say your logic above is reasonably sound, albeit juxtaposed with the prospect that there will remain a contingent of people who simply think 987.1 3.4 = problems, ergo ‘avoid’ when it comes to resale time with 80/90/100k miles on it (after your period of ownership).


with the possible exception of the 987R (which neither seems to appreciate, nor depreciate) a 987 is not in the bracket of porkers that will retain huge amounts of value at around the ~£15k purchase point you’re looking at. 

perhaps just drive all types within your budget (.1 / .2; 2.9 & 3.4, manual and tip/PDK) and see which you prefer and buy it to enjoy the driven experience it provides to you and don’t worry about what it’ll be worth come resale time. I’d suggest the (post covid) used car price bubble is now deflating if not burst and as we approach 2030 and the demise of new ICE cars who knows which way used ICE car prices will go? 

depress further for all but the ‘super/hyper car elite’ due to rocketing fuel prices; or shoot up as the future supply of used ICE had a limited lifespan and most people probably can’t afford £40k+ EVs….🤷‍♂️

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Also, a further thought - the 987.2 interior is slightly nicer than the 987.1. 

the DE might be ‘limited’ but I don’t think that necessarily translates to ‘more desirable / valuable’…. 🤔


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On 31/12/2022 at 16:58, Windymiller said:

Also, a further thought - the 987.2 interior is slightly nicer than the 987.1. 

the DE might be ‘limited’ but I don’t think that necessarily translates to ‘more desirable / valuable’…. 🤔


Many thanks for your comments. Some food for thought….

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