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IPD Plenum + GT3 Throttle body for sale


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I have an IPD plenum that was removed from my Cayman R and the GT3 Throttle body and hardware which I wish to sell. It was removed by Parr shortly after I purchased the car from them. Its done around roughly 10,000 miles and is as new condition. Location is West Sussex.
The part No.s are
IPD Plenum 7.278.389
Throttle body 997 605 116 01
For  987.2 models

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If you Google IPD Plenum it should give you the answer, basically a more efficient intake system that means you can fit a GT3 Throttle body, in theory its plus 20 BHP

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4 hours ago, Kdh said:

What does it do?



Mostly removes the flat spot in the midrange.  You gain about 15 ft/lbs between 4-5k once it's tuned.  A stock .2 3.4 will be great until 3k, die down a bit, then come alive again at 5k.  This gives you a much more progressive powerband. 


Better to start with the exhaust rather than the intake though.  This is coming from someone that did it in the reverse order!

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Ive already got the Cargraphic Power kit 4 package, intakes, exhaust, reflashed ECU etc, bizarre that the Plenum did not like the colder air conditions.

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