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Hi - New member here on the hunt for a 987.2 S PDK

Rafes Dad

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Hello all,


I'm finally in a position to get myself a Cayman, the M140i is leaving and making space on the drive for a 987.2 S so if you have one or know of a good one for sale please let me know on here.


987.2 S 

PDK (must have)

Chrono (must have)

BOSE (would like)

PASM (would like)

Black/Blue/Grey (preferred)


Budget is ~ £25k


There's a lovely looking one on AT just arrived a couple of days ago, I've called for info and the dealer said it's had 7 owners. At just 42k miles on the clock I though that a bit odd, should I be concerned? I'd appreciate some knowledgeable thoughts on the below please 🙂




Thanks all

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Hi, multiple owners is not that unusual, people buy them to scratch an itch then move on to the next thing. As ever, service history is paramount and check for the usual suspects such as leaking cross over pipes, damaged condensors, excessive corrosion on brake pipes, cracked coil packs etc 

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I’ve got a lovely 2011 987.2 S PDK however it doesn’t have chrono if you can be swayed. It has Bose and PASM lots of things taken care of including crossovers.

DM me and I can ping you my mobile to discuss / send a video.

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