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Locking wheel nuts

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So picked up my car last night.  Shame it was raining though still plenty of fun driving home.  Noticed the wheel bolts have no covers nor locking wheel nuts.  Has anyone fitted locking wheel nuts or should they be standard on the car?

Wanted some feedback prior to contacting garage.


What a difference as 50mph feels like 80mph in this little car.


Thankfully the average mpg has increased from 10mpg to 18 and is climbing.  What mpg do people get on average out of their cars.


Also has anyone retro fitted phone module to radio as all buttons are their just needs module which would be really helpful.  



Many Thanks



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I have locking wheel nuts on my rear wheels, but when I replaced my front wheel bolts for longer ones, which I just picked up at the local Porsche dealership, I didn't bother with locking bolts, but then I keep the car in the garage and never leave it parked anywhere dodgy - i thought alloy wheel theft was of an era when Duran Duran and fluorescent socks where fashionable...?? 


My long term average in the CR is 24mpg.  


Are you referring to the Bluetooth phone module or the SIM card job?



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In my experience, and this is my first Porsche, the wheel bolts do not have covers, only rust. It is likely that over the years wheel cleaner has caused the bolts to rust, even my locking wheel bolts were rusty.


I searched eBay for a supplier of wheel bolt covers, they are available for the plain bolts but I couldn't find any at all to fit my locking bolts. My local OPC were prepared to sell me a full set of bolts and locking bolts for a little under £150, in the end I decided to repaint my existing ones with smooth hammerite and they look fine now. You can also by a socket especially for wheel bolts, it has a plactic cover to reduce the likelihood of scratching the wheel - have a look in Machine Mart, Halfords, or eBay.


Before (with 17" rims)....

Cayman 17 inch alloy.JPG


After (with 19" rims)....

Painted bolts.JPG

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Ha, like the Duran Duran comment!  Wheel bolts are nice n clean which made me wonder if the previous owner had other wheels on and replaced with these when sold on. 


As the radio has the phone controls I was hoping this could link up via blue tooth to my phone.





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