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Lowering springs


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Hi all,


Looking for some advice regarding the subject of lowering...


I have lowered previous cars for aesthetics rather than performance, however I find my non-PASM 987.2 a little "nose-divey" in moderate speed corners.


I have found a set of H&R lowering springs on Euro Car Parts (ECP) at a steal (http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Porsche_Cayman_2.9_2011/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/lowering-spring/?981339871&1&6313264ad6c37672e27f33f80a1bb3e7a15f603c&000559) using my registration number to search their parts catalogue. 

Is it purely a coincidence that the part number starts with "981" or is there more to it?


I have researched the H&R M030 -10mm kit which seems to be applicable to the 986 chassis too, so hopefully it is just a coincidence rather than a mistake on ECP's search tool...


Will this set fit?


Can anyone else recommend a product for the 987? 





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A part number beginning 981 would normally (if it were a Porsche part) denote it was for that model - I'd double check before ordering.  



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Another thing to bare in mind when looking at springs is most manufactures will quote the mm drop measurement based on a stock none sport model. 


For instance, I have recently fitted H&R spring to my Leon Cupra, the springs are quoted as a 35mm drop.. although from the factory my car is 10mm lower being the Cupra, therefore I would only see a 25mm drop with these springs. 


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