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Cayman s engine brake


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It may be me!!!?


Car is 2009 Gen 2 Cayman S


On lifting gas engine brake effect is fierce or sharp or at least it makes me look like I'm not lifting off smoothly. 

Under load I.e going up a slope/ hill all feels more smooth. On level or down slope/ hill I.e not under load I can't get loft off smooth


Before I go off to Porsche garage, anyone else experienced this? If so, any known problem? Any solution?


On the opposite, sometimes putting on gas it appears to come in sharp or sudden on application, I.e not as smooth as I think it should be. 


Milelage on car is c.44K

Serviced etc





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18 hours ago, Beanoir said:

Sticking brake calliper? 

You could easily check for this, as one wheel would be hotter than the rest...

Seems a strange problem, does the car misfire or run rough at any point.

Also are you in sport / sport plus mode as this makes the throttle response more aggressive?


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Pretty sure it's not brake related. 


It's just that last bit of the lift off. As if the engine shuts off its fuel suddenly rather than smooth. 

Il try a diffrenent technique of lifting earlier , as I say it may well be me lifting off the gas too suddenly and I need a little more finesse!

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