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Carbon sports seats - comfortable?


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I can see me being labelled a heretic here but having driven my CR and 964 back to back the other day I realised the Recaro pole position seats in the 964 are both more comfortable and make me feel more connected with the car. I am 6'3" tall and relatively slim (for someone knocking on the door of 50) so it is not a 'is my bum too big for this seat' thing. It is a combination of things:

1. Fundamentally I am borderline on height for the Cayman (cue comments from folks taller than me suggesting not - sometimes it is leg to body length thing)

2. I find the CR seats push my shoulders in I.e. The seat back is too narrow

3. Without back to back testing, I would not have noticed this but the Recaro seats wrap around you more making you feel enveloped by the car. Not that the CR seats are lacking lateral support but it is greater in the Recaros


Dont get me wrong, I think the CR seats are very nice, excellent quality and a fine place to be seated but this back to back test has put me in mind of possibly putting the CR seats in the loft (clearly selling them would be madness) and buying a set of leather Recaro Pole position seats. This thought raises questions;

a. Has anyone here fitted a set of Recaro Pole position seats in a Cayman?

b. If you have, did it fundamentally change the seating position (lower it, allow the seat to go back more or less than the original seats...)

c. Airbags. I have never swapped seats in a car that has airbags. Since this will delete the seat airbags does this have a consequence with respect to MoT testing or with respect to the whole airbag system operation?

in all likelihood I will probably maintain the current seats but thought I would investigate opinions and experience.


Time to shout 'heretic' and considering having me sectioned :ph34r:



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That's weird as I have pole positions in my old 911 and I find them more restrictive around the shoulders than my carbon buckets are in the CR !


Are you sure you haven't got Recaro Apex? (I think they are called) which have wider shoulder openings than pole positions.

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Well I have just got my 2009 Cayman S PDK  with the  carbon bucket seats and after driving her back from London way (at 65 mph-ish all the way-ish ) I found the seats to be very comfortable , I am  6ft  not that slim  and broad in the shoulders , however my wife says there not seats to wear a mini skirt in , don't know what that means as I never wore a mini skirt in any car before ??

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At reading the title I was going to suggest swapping out for pole positions. I have the buckets in mine and the problem with them is they are too upright. Everyone without exception that sits in them is looking for an adjuster to tip them back a bit and when I havent driven the Cayman for a while I do the same. By coincidence I have a TT quattro sport in at the moment that has the Pole position seats standard. They are vastly better than the Porsche seats and one key feature they have that was a huge mistake for Porsche not to add as its so so simple - it has 4 positions you can choose on the angle so although still fixed back it can be changed to suit. 

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