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Just piked up my 2009 Cayman S PDK   last Sat so far have only driven her around  180 miles  , I notice when i move the gear selector from  P to R there is a noticeable clunk  as the lever moves  , i move it smoothly as possible  through the gate so to speak  and as it's my first Porsche  i am just a little paranoid , the car has done 18300 miles  with full history from a reputable specialist  
any advice or thoughts welcome
thank you 

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I know the manual cars have a very mechanical sound to them when changing gear, which I find quite satisfying :)


I'm not sure on the PDK boxes though sadly.. from having a quick Google search, there are a few people saying they have a clunk on the older PDK boxes, and suggest it is when the box is lagging on the selection of gears. 


Do you get any other noises when selecting other gears, and do you have any warranty cover on the car? 


I would suggest getting it back into the garage where you bought it from for a check over. 

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Hi Thanks for the reply , I should have pointed out that there is no problem in any gear  the change up and down the gearbox if faultless using the paddles or in full auto  

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