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Hello Just joined today!


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Hello guys

just joined today. Wanted to say hi. I'm living in Southend on sea,  Essex. Is there local meet? I'm looking to buy a  Cayman £17000 budget if anyone has one, please get in touch.

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I'm sure you know where to look. Pistonheads is always a good place to start. 

Be prepared to travel to get what YOU want. 

Good luck with your search. What are you after, Cayman or Cayman S?

My only comment would be to to take your time, look for the seller who has looked after their car. Someone who is a keen Porsche fan and has cherished their car compared to someone who bought one, couldn't  afford to run it and didn't give it the needed attention. 

Post pics when you've bought one. 

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Welcome :) 


As others have said, £17k will get you a decent Gen 1 Cayman. The biggest worry with the Gen 1 cars is that that generation of engines had some issues, most famously, bore scoring. Therefore it is important to have the necessary checks carried out before you commit, and ideally have some kind of warranty in place if something were to go wrong during your ownership. People say that an engine rebuild will set you back £5-8k.


The other option is to spend a little more, £18k upwards and get a Gen 2 Cayman, although at that price you'd be looking at a lower-spec non-S car.


Very difficult decision to make and one I was making in July, I went with the latter option. Good luck :)

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Thanks guys 

I'm in Southend on Sea area.

Im after a Cayman S, yeah the main bearing and the engine scoring is a real concern as I can't really afford a gen 2 s. 

Presumably only a specialist can do the engine scoring checks? Where is it best to get it served in my area? 

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