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Wanted - spacers for 2007 S


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Does anyone have a set of spacers that I can either try or buy?

maybe you bought them and changed your mind or you sold the car and returned it to standard?

I'd like to try them out and see what it looks and feels like. 



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hi Kai.

I did a bit of research into this and I think I ended up with about the right setup for my car both in looks and my driving preferences. 

First and most importantly, go for billet Hubcentric spacers with the correct extended wheel bolts ad locking bolts. I would advise against using spacers that bolt onto your hubs first then you bolt your wheels onto the spacers with studs sticking out through the spacer.

I ended up with 20mm hubcentric spacers on the rear behind 19 inch Carrera wheels using 45mm thread extended chromed bolts with integral radius cup washers and new extended lockers to match.

On the front, Ive now got 10mm hubcentric spacers  and 35mm thread extended wheel bolts and matching lockers.

the car feels more planted, looks better in my eyes and hasn't created issues with tyres rubbing anywhere. the steering feels lighter but more twitchy  and tends to follow road lines so I need to alter the front geometry to suit. will probably go for a CR type tracking setup.

be wary when buying online, a lot of sellers list hubcentrics sold with taper fit non rotating seats that are not correct  for Porsches.

hope this helps Kai

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forgot to mention, whilst Ive got my engineering hat on, what ever spacers you end up fitting, give them a coating of Copperslip assembly grease both sides before u fit them to prevent galvanic corrosion. use liberally on bolt threads and radius washer seats too. you will actually get a higher, more accurate locking torque loading using a copper based assembly grease and prevent the threads picking up or rusting and corroding into the hubs and alloys.

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Hi Kai. both came from fleabay, the 10mm came from a private seller, were secondhand but never fitted and  were not supplied with bolts so I bought them separately from the bay too. the 20mm came from an ebay trader and came with the correct bolts. I then had to get extended lockers in both lengths. these were sold in packs of 4 each so I now have 2 spares for each length. in total I think this little lot has set me back about a hundred quid.

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