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Cayman rear arch protection film

Keith W

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The tape is clear as per the original which is where the problem lies as it does show the dirt if it gets under the film.

If this goes the same way I will order the film in white so that if dirt gets under it, it might not show. (In my rush to order this film I didn't notice you can get it in other colours.

Will take a picture of the side I have done Tomorrow.

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I guess the secret is making sure the edges are perfectly sealed, as once dirt creeps in the film will carry on lifting as more and more dirt accumulates.


My 981 rear arches have been peppered with stone hits just behind the wheels, but it's plastic bodywork here so I choose to get the touch up paint and dab away at these since the original surface isn't smooth. If I stuck film in this area it would stand little chance of adhering to the micro "orange peel" surface.

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Here are a few of pictures.

You may be right about the film not being able to adhere to orange peel finish although it might be that if you heat the tape it might work.

If you are going to the Porsche Owners Club meet on Tuesday 21st Feb I can bring along a small piece I have left over that you can try.

Meeting is 7.30pm.

The Bear Inn

Spencers Lane







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