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Greetings from sunny Chelmsford 1


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Hi to all,

As from the beginning of the year, I’m the owner of a 2.9 dark blue 987.2C. The car is 2010, two previous owners with 23.5k miles and is to be my daily driver.

I probably broke every rule in the purchase process.

Into an OPC in mid December to find out the drop dead date for ordering a 718 with delivery before VED rates change in April, anyway, they had a good laugh and I was onto plan B.

Looked [on line] at 981’s, but couldn’t really face spending more on a 2 year old car than the price of a new one. However, in the process discovered the world of spec’ing Porsches and that all list prices are not necessarily equal. That and a growing realisation that whilst I liked the look of the 981; I’m not sold on the likes of an electric handbrake, TPM system and electronic everythings.

Plan C, viewed at a couple of 987Cs at a local second sales place, no drives, but just getting my eye in, leggier than I wanted and rightly or wrongly with an internet reputation with the engines.

Onto Plan D, I started looking a 987.2’s; basking in the knowledge of the monies I’d be saving when compared to new. The 2.9 appealed more than the S as it wasn’t a DFI engine.

Slight interlude, side tracked by seeing a used C2 997 for similar monies to a 718, went to view, in the flesh it looked and felt bigger than I was expecting or wanted. I sat in the back; OK a contortion to get in there but once in and the seat was back up it was grim, cramped and dark as dark can be. If you can’t use the rear seats, why have them.

Back to Plan D; I thought I knew what I wanted, the nearest to ‘almost what I wanted’ spec wise was over at a dealers in Kent. I turned up [as a walk-in] only to be told the owners son was currently using it, all interest on my part then evaporated.

Next, again the spec was ‘almost what I wanted’ and was at a dealer in the Midlands however on enquiry it was sold.

Next; a private sale on the South Coast, again ‘almost what I wanted’. After chatting with the seller I visited to view, with 23.5k on the clock I was expecting the car to be 'as new' and it was. An extensive road test of all of 4 miles and a full mechanical check over that comprised of vendor confirming that everything worked sealed the deal.

Top tip here; heated, carpeted garage equals good, doormats in the entry to the garage to stop the carpets getting mucky equals even better.

Therefore, what can possibly go wrong? 

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