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Cayman S exhaust tips


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Unfortunately one of the tips on my 987 S gen2 is dented so I'm looking for another set of tips similar to below. Price you tell me.




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Thanks Bushman, so is that the single wide exhaust tip or does it look like mine, I'm not sure the gen 1 tips will fit ?


As far as I can see the tips I need come like this image.jpeg.d572453215cb36c03de0e4119a0e65ae.jpeg



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Bushman thanks for the offer but further to the above I've found some milltek stainless steel tips on ebay that I've just booked.  

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Hi Crafty, the Gen 1 and Gen 2 tailpipe fitment is the same, as in they are interchangeable but you are correct the gen 1 is a tee into a single pipe that is then split into 2 chromed and shaped outlets. still yours for £40 is its any good to you mate.

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I have Sharkwerks Tips (  Black ) for sale .


They fit 981 Cayman / Boxster  and 981 GT4   ONLY    ( NOT 718  varients ) .


Original info ..... www.sharkwerks.com


Pm  or E-mail me if interested . I am in London SE27  0r  W8

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