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Someone is having a bad day


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Interesting picture. 

Ar first I was tempted to say it's not nessarily a bad day because the car could be simply being transported without putting mileage on it. 


Granted it would appear unusual that the AA would provide that service. (Wouldn't it?) Anyone here know for sure?


Then i I noticed the covering of the registration plate. 


Do the AA do that as a norm when transporting broken down vehicles or on this occasion were they doing it for a Porshe dealership and had been told to cover the plate?


If that was the case surely the dealership would insist on having the car covered?


If you were the owner of a broken down Porsche would you insist the AA cover the Reg? 


It it is an interesting picture which ever way you look at it.


Of course every picture tells a story. And the one thing we can't see is the front offside - has the car been involved in a crash?

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I think it's because you're not supposed to display more than one reg plate, in this age of cameras etc it applies even more so.  For instance if he went through the cameras for the automated tolls at the Dartford crossing or into the congestion zone. 

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I agree with @Beanoir. They need to cover it up to avoid it getting snapped on the various ANPR cameras we have on the roads these days. Avoids stories like these: this and this.


I couldn't see any crash damage on it when I went past. If it's mechanical, at least it'll still be on warranty, would of been a really bad day if not :)

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