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Group drive etiquette?


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Hey guys, I joined a group drive around the peak district this morning but abandoned after 30 minutes to be honest. Why?

Maybe it's me, my age, my sense of mortality or all 3 but my idea of a run out is a leisurely drive taking in the scenery, stopping for some pics and a chat maybe.

Unfortunately, I mustn't have read the "rules" this morning which must have said somewhere "pretend you're on silverstone!"

I started in 2nd position but within ten minutes I was at the back of 6 with everyone out of sight! Maybe it's me, maybe I'm in the wrong car but I tend to keep to the speed limits. Anyway, I took the opportunity to take some nice pictures before turning round and heading home.

What are other people's experience of run outs? 




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Ive done a lot of rideouts with various bike clubs over the years and we always put the slowest at the front and emphasise to all its not a race. normally this is respected but even so, the riders at the back have to ride their arses off just to keep up. as my ol gran used to say, " its better to be 10 minutes later in this world  then 10 minutes early into the next one". !! and I bet you got better pics at the end of the day.

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