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Cayman GT4 in Norwich to promote road safety for Norfolk Police

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A Cayman GT4 has been donated to the Norfolk Police force by the Lind Trust, a charity which supports the development of young people in Norwich and Norfolk. According to research, young drivers are disproportionately represented in fatal and serious collision statistics with 61 young drivers having lost their lives and 504 having suffered serious injury in Norfolk over the past five years.



This GT4 will be used by police at events such as the Royal Norfolk Show and taken to areas where car enthusiasts gather as well as being taken to schools and colleges around the county to engage with young people. The campaign was launched at Norwich Cathedral just a couple of days after the deaths of three teenagers, named locally as Dominic O’Neill, Kyle Warren and Billy Hines, following a crash at Pulham Market on Wednesday night.


Simon Bailey, Norfolk’s chief constable, said the families of all three involved in the tragedy were spoken to before going ahead with the launch.

He said: “If they hadn’t given their consent it (the launch) would’ve been deferred out of respect.

“They do support what we’re trying to do and I’m very grateful that they are.”

Mr Bailey said the campaign came about after he approached city entrepreneur Graham Dacre last year because he was “really concerned” about the number of young drivers being killed and seriously injured.


He said: “Engagement and education are vital elements of the work on road safety undertaken by roads policing officers.

“We hope the car will act as a conversation starter, which gives us the opportunity to engage with people, but more importantly those hard to reach groups like young drivers, and offer practical advice as well as describing what can happen when things go wrong.”


Mr Dacre said he thought it was a “great project” and that the Porsche was a tool that would really engage with young people.










Source: Eastern Daily Press

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not sure I believe the statement indicating this is just for education and driver awareness and good publicity and all that , but does look bloody good in its plod livery and I am dead jealous. .. I wonder if there is a charitable trust round here with a spare £100k to lose, Id drive round and round the local car meets, educating the hoodies!!

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Whilst the scope of this project is to be applauded, and while honestly trying to not project a cynical view on this, it is after all intended for a really good cause, and if it really is to 'act as conversation starter' with the next generation of the Fenland Fast 'N Furious then I rather feel that a more suitable car would have been a.....


...1.2 Corsa, de-badged, preferably in red or black, slammed to the floor on bags, stretched tyres on really big dish wheels, an exhaust tip that could comfortably offer shelter to a small child..and a sibling...and toys...and a large bag of Haribo, limo tint windows, small furry toy suspended from rear tow eye, rear wiper delete, a mahoosive BGW in fake CF, Nuremburg circuit decal (longest  driven 'circuit' would have been 2 laps of King's Lynn Halfrauds car park), fake dump valve and a sound system that on level 4 of 10 could have been heard by Eric Sykes himself whilst sat at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.


Honestly, and trust me on this, a Porsche will just not have the same impact to the intended audience, the above does as will any R32/33/34, Z car - 350/370 etc, etc.

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In 2009 a King's Lynn court granted the police permission to auction off one of the assets of a criminal, namely a Porsche Boxter. The money generated went to a charity....

.....could've just kept that one to 'engage' with young drivers.

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