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996 turbo


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Well I love the Cayman but today I got to go for a drive in a 996 turbo and all I can say is oh my f**king God.. I am in love. I have never been in anything that just keeps pulling like that..


i am am in love... Now can I win the lottery please as there just appreciating every day.


oh well live and hope that one day can afford one. 


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Driving my 2.7 PDK up the A5 yesterday, I had my first opportunity to test its overtaking skills a couple of times. Very impressed and perfectly adequate. Lovely noise as it snarled and whined through the gears. A 911 Turbo S would have breezed the same manoeuvres of course, but do I need that power? And would it have given me the same aural gratification at the lower revs it required?


With its better looks, better engine placement, and more power available in the bigger engined variants, the Cayman is still the winner for me.



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A friend at our local TIPEC branch has a 996 turbo with one of the 9E tuning packs producing around 630 bhp.  He took me for a quick spin back in the summer and I literally couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes after!  An absolute hoot but how you keep your licence clean and still have fun with one of these must be a big challenge! 

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