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Rough feel / not smooth off gas

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Porsche Cayman S 2009 Gen II 47k miles. Fully Porsche serviced. Major just completed. 
The issue I have has been with the car throughout my (to date) 1 year ownership. 
Car performs well all-round. I am referring only to road driving (not track) 

I was hoping a Porsche Technician could provide a solution to the following. They acknowledge what I am finding , but have no solution at this time. 

Using any gear, when the engine Revs are 3000 or less, or reducing down from 3000 RPM and slowing the car down by coming off the gas / throttle regardless of how "smooth / slow" I come off throttle/gas the whole car gives the feeling that the engine wants to shut down. 
The Rev range does not drop any quicker (looking at the disk. All seems normal) it's just the car "jerks" or feels it wants a sudden" shut down. I.e. I loose any smoothness when slowing down. This is compared to other cars (including Porsches) that I drive. 

It's more prominent or more noticible in slow moving (traffic) situations and less so, but sill there on open roads when coming off the gas at 3000 RPM or less. 

Has a recent Major sevice, new plugs etc.etc.

Any ideas from the CAYMANOC community?

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I would also lean to binding brake caliper, put your hand near the wheel, if it is binding you will feel the temperature coming off just by putting your hand on/near the wheel.


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Hi Beeby11 and Beanoir, 

Thanks for your replies,

I'm not sure I'm following your thoughts on this one.

myabe I have missed a point or not explained myself enough. 

I am referring to simply lifting off gas, no braking involved all. Or am I not understanding what you are telling me?

The engine gives the impression it has shut off and therefore gives the feel of a lunge movement in slowing down. 

Please let me know if I'm not understanding why brakes hold be a concern if I am not using them

much appreciate your responces. 


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If you have a sticky brake calliper you will feel it when lifting off the accelerator in a similar way to how you are describing, as the car brakes without your input and no power from the engine to override it.  


Its very common on MX-5s and the same symptoms are experienced.  


It may not be that, and difficult to diagnose without being with the car but just a thought.  

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It might be the dual mass flywheel failing.  I had a Boxster a few years ago which had a roughness/vibration just below 3000 RPM on the overrun.  I changed the front engine mount which made little difference.  The new owner later told me it turned out to be the flywheel though the car had much higher mileage than yours.

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