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Hi guys 

new to the forum and new to caymans had a 997.1carrera s a couple years ago and loved it but this time around it'll be an altogether cheaper situation 

im buying a new house for me and my other half so my addiction to sports cars Is going to have to come to an end temporarily sadly or so I thought until I found the gen1 Cayman s 


im looking for a 3.4 s not too fussed about colour it's more of a price situation 

move found plenty online for very reasonable prices

ive found one which pretty much fits the bill from a Porsche main dealer it's in my price range decent options for the price only thing it's missing is sat nav which I seem to remember from the carrera was pretty pants so not massively fussed 

only question is it worth spending what looks to be an extra 5k buying from Porsche main dealer (because of the 2 year warranty mainly) or should I save the dosh and buy somewhere else

thanks guys


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Thanks :)

the only worry I had tugging me towards the main dealer was about the two engine issues found with the early cars is it something to worry about?

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Something to consider is how many internet postings you see that say "my <INSERT PERCEIVED PROBLEM PART> is still working" Probably none. It's not that they don't fail, it's just that it's a risk that's probably overstated.








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