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A65 & A683 Gisburn to Lancaster - anybody driven them?

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Has anyone driven the A65 from Gisburn to Settle and the A683 over to Lancaster, or know if it's enjoyable/worthwhile in a Cayman?


I'm taking a road trip from Bucks up to Ayr at the end of July and will be heading via Gisburn and Lancaster in Lancs, and I'm looking for an interesting road between these 2 via points. 


Otherwise it's back down the A59 to the M6 and then yet more Motorway miles...




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The road is really good for fast cars and bikes not many speed cameras but watch out for tractors and un-marked GTi's and RS A3's, often have a blast round there on  the BM and in the Cayman.


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They are Ok roads the A65 and A683 but if you have time, get on the A684 from Sedbergh to Leyburn.  A bit further north but one of the best roads I have driven and once you get used to it, it is very rewarding.



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Both great car and bike roads! If you can factor in the A686 Penrith to Alston. I assure you that it will blow your mind. If it doesn't I'll eat my tailpipes! 

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