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New Tyre Time

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Hi All,

Time for some new boots on the front of the "S", they have worn on the the inner edge so have had tracking checked and adjusted

. What I wanted to know is what you recommend for road and some fast blasts price and where you get them. Size is 235/35 19 and has Michelin on at mo,

Is there a certain spec to go for?

Thanks Dean

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I used Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, N2 (Porsche rated) on my Cayman R, very good. I have Pirelli PZero N0 on my Cayman S, also good. 


The Pirelli`s do `crack` between the tread blocks but not a problem I`m told. They have now been superceded by an N1 version which is improved. 


I assume that you have Michelin rears, in which case go for those which match them. 


As for prices, they continually vary between suppliers. Oponeo have recently been good. 

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Just watch the manufacture dates of the online stuff - they can often already be well over a  year old. It's never stopped me using the onliners such as Oponeo, but if you do very low miles it's just something to be aware of as you might not get the full use from them.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the reply's, have just ordered some Michelin pilots N2 from ATS £175 fitted. got prices for GY eagle F1, Pirel Pzero and Conti Sc3 all Porsche fitment for under £150 but as have Michelins on the back thought I would have the same on all corners for now.



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