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Radio interference


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Hi all,

I am experiencing interference on my radio when I turn the headlights on to main beam - it doesn’t happen with any other settings.


has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a simple fix -




2012 Cayman 2.9pdk

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LEDs should have no components in them that would generate stray RF. HIDs however have a high frequency transformer to generate high voltage and any transformer will bleed stray RF, my stereo catches interference from the GPS/media tablet as its near the little vertical antenna built into the middle of the windscreen. for me, the easiest thing would be to replace the aerial with a different type routed away from any Bluetooth or 2.4 gig camera feeds.

you could try putting a ferrite choke wrap round the power cable positive feeds on the back of the head unit

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This is becoming a more common problem over recent years with the introduction of LED bulbs.  It’s the driver board on the lamps that causes the EMI and noise on car radios.  


Each time we swap them out for standard halogens, cures the problem.  We give the LED bulbs back to the customer and tell them to send them back.  

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