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  • Beanoir™

    Alps Roadtrip - 3. Assault by Name!

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    Sunday still happened yesterday, I realise I didn’t update my blog but there are a number of reasons for this, of which I will enlighten, but let me begin with yesterday morning.


    We awoke early in our hotel just outside of Strasbourg, a place that always conjures up mental images of spy novels, but on this morning there were no secret rendezvous with covert operatives, this particular morning I was welcomed by a dawn chorus of several angry sounding Mezger derived flat sixes set against a backing track of baritone AMG V8s finished off with the the whine of lotus superchared engines and a glorious Ferrari V8.  This was the transition day from the flat lands of the west of France, through the Schwarzwald in Germany, into the Swiss alps, Italy and back to Switzerland.






    Already we have experienced a kaleidoscope of scenery and roads, from the plush rolling hills and forests of southern Germany to the polar opposite baron landscape at the top of the Stelvio Pass, over 9,000ft up.  Now the latter was the end of the day on Sunday, and after 300 miles odd of driving across several countries, the 48 hairpin bends laced across the side of this particular mountain in Italy was quite literally an ‘assault’ both physically and mentally, especially when the task also involved trying to keep pace with a 997 GT3 and 997 Turbo.  All I can say is the R performed, keeping me in check at every turn and keeping the jaw drooping view down the mountain side just a view.




    Setting off this morning involved more of the same, taking in Lake Livigno and St Moritz on the way to Julier Pass, followed by San Bernardino, Susten, Grimsel, finally arriving at our hotel at the foot of the Furka pass…I forget how many borders we’ve crossed, I don’t know what language to speak anymore, what money they accept in the country that i’m in or even which country that is…we’ve covered 1,400km so far, the Cayman is fine (if a little less rubber adorning her rear tyres) but as for me, I need some sleep!








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    Must get myself over to th Alps soon for trip.  Sounds fantastic from what you’ve described in your blogs Beanoir! 

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